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[BKARTS] What I did (with the Paper Grain)

Okay folks, nuff said on the paper grain issue. Here's my report:

1) Letter sized paper makes really wrinkely spines
2) Bought some 11x17 paper and cut it in half
3) Used nipping clamps to hold the book and inch down from the spine,
jewlers saw to cut the notches in the spine, double fan glued the spine,
embroidery thread to "sew" the spine by weaving the thread back and
forth through notches, glued again and pressed in the nipping clamp
(with paper between the glue and the clamp to prevent a mess. Finally,
gluing into an 8.5x11" cover, press again until dry, trim to fit.

A fast efficient way to bind softcovers that is nicer and longer lasting
than your hot-melt spines.

Special Note:
Trim the glued spine with a razor or the stack cutter by about 1/32", to
get a nice flat spine, that fits flush into the cover. Without this
step, you may have a hollowed spine (looks terrible on a softcover), or
a bumpy spine (equally ugly).


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