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[BKARTS] Books from Scripps College Press

Announcing two new publications from the
Scripps College Press, Claremont, California:

Cut & Dried

Published December 2004, on that most fascinating of subjects, food.
Case-bound in avocado and iridescent green bookcloth
and letterpress printed on Frankfurt Creme,
with woodcuts, photographs and accompanying poems and stories.
Edition 100 copies     Size 6.5" x 16.875"     Cost $200.00

One of the primary goals of higher education is for undergraduates
to gain perspective and forge their own conclusions as they consider
diifferent points of view on a subject. The typography students this semester
decided to take an extensive but light-hearted look at food from
multiple viewpoints while developing technical and creative skills in
drawing, photography, woodcutting, writing, typesetting, printing and binding.
Basically, they gave themselves permission to play with food and experience it
in ways they might not have expected in a collegiate situation.
The results are delectable, thoughtful and mouth-watering.


Beorum II: Fragmentary Evidence

Published June 2004, with risky stories and images.
It is an artists’ book version of a leaf book, with a facsimile of a page
of the Gutenberg Bible from the Denison Library Collection using
B-42 metal type produced by the Dale Guild Typefoundry.
Edition 93 copies Size 6" x 16" Cost $250.00

The transition from medieval to Renaissance is a fascinating period in history,
where letters written by hand are supplanted by those made of metal.
At the center is Johann Gensflesh von Gutenberg, who copied contemporary
German textura and the scribal practice of abbreviating words to produce
his magnificent Bible and other printed works in the fifteenth century.
His inventions of the hand mould for casting movable type and the printing press
were risky ventures, requiring ingenuity, determination and not least, capital.
The eight student producers of this book are also risk-takers. They assessed the
various levels of risk one takes in creating a new book: stories and images
have to be developed, cohesiveness managed, and technical skills learned.
They speculated and gambled and managed those risks, working as a group,
transitioning from neophytes to real printers in the process.

Book Purchase: Cut & Dried

To purchase the latest publication, Cut & Dried,
please send a check to

Scripps College Press
1030 Columbia Avenue
Claremont, CA 91711

for $200.00 plus $9.00 for shipping and insurance;
include sales tax of $16.50 if you are a California resident.

Book Purchase: Beorum II, Fragmentary Evidence

To purchase Beorum II: Fragmentary Evidence,
please send a check to the address above

for $250.00 plus $9.00 for shipping and insurance;
include $20.63 if you are a California resident.

A limited number of each book is available.

For further information, contact Kitty Maryatt, Director of the Scripps College Press,
(909) 607-3866 or KMaryatt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

You can also find these books for purchase at UCLA’s Hammer Museum in
Westwood, California.
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