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Dear people,

I am a mixed media artist. For many years  I have been teaching  book,
paper and 3D  arts.
More recently I have been  researching and working  with complex pleat,
twist and tessellated
folds based on my research  of three seminal out of print books by the
Japanese master Fujimoto
Shuzo Sensi. These limited edition books were far ahead of their time
in their complexity and
comprehensiveness. I am working on a monograph of these subjects to be
dedicated to him.
I feel his work should be widely available.

The result of all this is a series of  spineless, kinetic books that I
have created.  I am interested to know if
anyone on the book arts list is also pursuing a similar vein?  I would
very much like to share and
compare  what has been done previously  by other individuals on this
subject. The intent is to avoid
reinventing the wheel, share what I know and to develop a distinctive
style of my own.

My web site took more than a year to get this far.  Consequently, I
already need new photos.
The pieces shown are rather rudimentary.  The potential for expanding on
the concept of
kinetic books is great.  Isolation frequently leads to innovation.

I've also  been combining these kinetic books  with life cast hands so
as to better illustrate
their kinetic nature for exhibition and display purposes.  These will be
posted ASAP.  Your comments
are very much appreciated.

Joan Michaels Paque
JMP Atelier


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