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[BKARTS] Los Angeles Book Arts Center - Members Only Free Tour of the Clark

Clark Library Book Arts Tour

The Los Angeles Book Arts Center  invites you to a Members Only tour of the 
Clark Library on Thursday, March  17th at 2:30 p.m.  Reservations are 
required, no exceptions.  Call  Marcia Moore at 310/827-6192 to reserve your 

Bruce Whiteman,  the Head Librarian of the William Andrews Clark Memorial 
Library, UCLA, will  conduct a tour of the Clark and its book arts-related 
collections. After a  brief tour of the building and the current exhibition 
(on the English  Restoration), participants will have an opportunity to 
examine a range of  books of typographic and artistic interest, from 
incunables   (fifteenth-century books) to some of the great books of the 
eighteenth,  nineteenth, and twentieth centuries. Some of the artists and 
printers  included are William Morris, François-Louis Schmied, Eric Gill, 
Saul Marks,  Maureen Cummings, and Peter Koch.

The Clark Library has one of the great  press book collections on the West 
Coast, with a special focus on English  printing revival books and 
California printers. Bruce Whiteman has been the  Head Librarian at the 
Clark since 1996, and is a writer and poet as well as  a librarian. He is 
eternally grateful to printers Carolee Campbell and  Gloria Kondrup for 
making some of his poems into beautiful books.

The  Los Angeles Book Arts Center is a creative, intellectual and  technical
resource for artists, collectors, dealers, curators and all  individuals
interested in the book and paper arts. It is the center's mission  to serve
as a network and clearinghouse for information, education and  resources.
This is being accomplished through networking, workshops,  lectures,
publications, exhibitions and outreach. Our commitment is to build  a strong
community as well as to further individual pursuits in the book and  paper

The Los Angeles Book Arts Center (LABAC) was founded in  September 2002.
Open meetings, hosted lectures, classes and continuous online  discussion
groups all contribute to building a strong book arts community in  Los
Angeles. We offer the broadest possible range of classes in the book  arts,
drawing and calligraphy, paste papers and monoprints, book structures  of
all types, cases and boxes, and everything between and beyond. The  Los
Angeles Book Arts Center is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit  corporation.
Contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by  law.

For additional information on this lecture or the Los Angeles Book  Arts
Center, please contact Lisa Deutsch at (310) 657-2616 or  LAGourmet@xxxxxxxx
Please visit our website at  www.LABookArts.com.

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