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Re: [BKARTS] New web ste

Dear People,

The response to my, in process, web site  has been overwhelming and I am
most appreciative.
I've gotten numerous questions and I hope that you will tolerate my
answering most of them
to the group in this format.  I am responding to individuals  as time
allows.  I appreciate your
patience and understanding.

The neutral colored pieces are all done with one continuous piece of
paper.  All of my artworks
are one -of a-kind at this point  but I've had some feelers from
publishers/editors and will
consider the possibility of creating something for production or
publishing some how to directions.
 Some of the photos show  examples of techniques taught in my
classes.i.e. the accordion  book.
I don' t think of these as my personal  style of working.  They are for
teaching purposes.

While the description of Paper Arts generalizes some of the pieces are
done with flexible fiberglass
and other materials.

The welded metal sculptures are based on maquette studies of paper
pop-ups.  Full size 2D drawings
are interpreted by a computer and lazer cut. I do my own finishing.
I've done many commissions with
architects and engineers so have adopted /adapted  techniques I've
learned from them to my atworks.
Size, material specifications will be sent to those who have requested
this information. Also,  will be
replying, shortly, to those who are interested in having me do workshops
and lectures.

The one question I cannot answer right now is the frequent one about my
definition of a book. I am
evolving in my thinking on this subject  and want to keep my options
open on it. Awhile ago
there was  a  debate on this site about books without words based , I
think, on an article in the
N.Y. Times.  If I can put my hands on it  I'll share some of the very
astute comments.

Thanks ever so much for all the kind  comments and questions.  It is
valued feedback. If I've missed
anything please let me know.

Joan Michaels Paque
JMP Atelier


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