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[BKARTS] Bringing Mexico to New York City

As mentioned in a previous posting, the plans for BookFest are falling into
place and we are very excited about the new artists and new books that will
be presented. But there is one area where we are having a problem and we
hope that someone on this list will be able to help.

It would be terrific if Ámbar Past, the founder of Taller Leñateros in
Chiapas, Mexico, could show her books at BookFest.  The book arts collective
has operated for 30 years from one book sale to the next with no spare cash.
We have arranged a place for Ámbar to stay, her table at BookFest, and a few
speaking engagements.  But we haven't been able to come up with the funds
for her plane ticket here.

Is it possible that a subscriber to this list has extra frequent flyer miles
that can be used to get this important artist to BookFest?

This is an exciting time for the Taller.  After many frustrating years they
have just finished the Spanish/English version of their Incantations book.
This project started over 30 years ago when Ámbar went into remote Indian
villages to record Mayan women's conjuring and drinking songs.  The original
Spanish/Tzotzil version of the book had 200 pages, 50 original silk-screened
illustrations, and a three-dimensional cover cast from paper made from
recycled cardboard boxes, corn silk, and coffee.  It was the first book
written, illustrated, printed, bound, and published by the Mayan people in
over 500 years! The new version includes new incantations and more
illustrations.  The spells range from how to deal with a wayward husband to
what to say when feeding a tortilla to your dog.

One of the workshop's other books, Mayan Hearts, was featured in the Feb
2004 issue of Smithsonian Magazine. You can learn more about the taller and
their amazing books at http://www.artistbooks.com/taller/tallerintro.html.

For those who have collected La jícara, the literary journal published by
the taller, it's great news that Ámbar has just received funding for the
next two issues.

If you have extra frequent flyer miles, please help us bring this important
book artist and community activist to BookFest. Please contact me at
ed@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx if this might be possible.  We will find a suitable thank
you gift and you could not help a more deserving artist.

Ed Hutchins

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