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Re: [BKARTS] BOOK_ARTS-L Digest - 8 Mar 2005 to 9 Mar 2005 (#2005-68)

 (JWorks in lacquer, silk, and rice paper by Japanese artists (B

 (JMarch 5 - 26, 2005 (B

 (Jat (B

 (JMedialia ... Rack and Hamper Gallery, Space II (B

 (J335 W. 38th St., 4th fl, New York NY 10018-2916 (B
 (Jtel: 212-971-0953 fax: 212-967-9827 (B
 (Je-mail: medialia@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (B

 (JHours: Wednesday to Saturday (B
 (J12:00 to 5:00 and by appointment (B

 (JFor more information and visuals, please visit our website:  (B
 (Jwww.medialiagallery.com (B

 (JThis exhibition is focused on the traditional techniques and materials in  (B
 (Jcontemporary art by three Japanese artists: Masao Fumita, Naoko Ito, and Tsutomu  (B
 (JOhmukai in collaboration with Hideki Murayama. These artists are based in  (B
 (Jthe Osaka / Kyoto area which has continuously maintained its traditional artisan  (B
 (Jculture into the 21st Century. (B

 (JMasao Fumita is fascinated by handmade rice paper. Regardless of the scale,  (B
 (Jhis finished surfaces are quite tactile, yet retain the delicacy of rice  (B
 (Jpaper. Contributing to the uniqueness of the work is the translucent floating of  (B
 (Jheavy handmade rice paper, and the way in which the overlapping paper has a  (B
 (Jmagical effect on its reflecting colors. Masao Fumita was born in 1949 in Osaka  (B
 (JCity, Japan. (B

 (JNaoko Ito uses the ancient Japanese technique of lacquerware for making  (B
 (Jnon-figurative contemporary art. Routinely, lacquerware techniques have been  (B
 (Japplied for utilitarian purposes. Contrarily, Ito $B". (Js personal narrative propels her  (B
 (Jto combine various material with the lacquerware, making her work precious and  (B
 (Junique. She was born in 1954 in Osaka, Japan. (B

 (JThe joining of the disciplines of graphic design by Tsutomu Ohmukai (b.  (B
 (J1948), and traditional mounting (hyogu) by Hideki Murayama (b. 1954), offers a  (B
 (Junique artistic image. Kyoto artists Ohmukai and Murayama experiment with the  (B
 (Jtraditional form of both Japanese graphic design and mounting. The graphics are  (B
 (Jprinted on Japanese rice paper by the methods of silkscreen, and collagraph, an  (B
 (Jintaglio print technique. The mounting and graphics of their hanging scrolls  (B
 (Jpresent the intersection and collaboration between two separate artistic  (B
 (Jexpressions. (B

 (JA L I C E * S I M P S O N (B
 (JD A N C E M A R A T H O N (B

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