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[BKARTS] inkjet printing (again)!

Hi all,

I know that many messages have been tossed around on this subject, but I'm
considering getting an Epson 2200 to create small editions by scanning
images from my one-of-a-kind books.  I have a couple of questions, and
forgive me if they've been asked before, but I didn't see the answers in the
archives.  (I'm assuming, from what I've read, that the Epson 2200 is the
best option - the most versatile, and the most archival, if also the most
pricey to use.)

1) The first (perhaps naive) question is - for those who HAVE used this
technology to create book editions - how widely accepted are editions that
are printed this way?  Are they considered less valuable or harder to sell
than editions created using other printing techniques?  I'm not too
knowledgeable about the technology (I used to be vaguely prejudiced against
the idea of using it to create books - but I do one-of-a-kinds, mostly, and
this seems like a fantastic way to reproduce them) and I'm curious as to
what the buying public's response is.  It seems to me like more folks are
open to it as it becomes more common.

2) I do ink drawings, and my art has a lot of fine line detail, not too much
color - so I want to find a hot-press kind of paper that will work well for
that.  I'm most concerned with getting the fine line detail.  (Maybe
everything will - I'm rather clueless.)  I was thinking of using Arches hot
press 90lb (as I do in my books, often).  Has anyone out there had success
with that, or something similar?

3)  Has anyone tried Arches Infinity paper?  I just read about it - Arches
with a special purportedly archival coating specially designed specifically
for inkjet printing - it's Arches, but coated on one side to improve print
quality.  If so, what was your experience?  Is it much better than plain old
Arches (It's wildly expensive...so I'd hope there's a big difference)?

4) Do you think using this type of technology is a good idea for accordion
books, in which the prints will therefore be FACING each other, and possibly
rubbing against each other a bit?

5) It seems like folks have had success (from what I've read) hand-coloring
these inkjet prints - any experiences to the contrary, warnings, hints?

Thanks so very much for your input. This list is such a great resource.


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