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Re: [BKARTS] inkjet printing (again)! {SpamScore: sss}

Stephanie, I can answer a few of your questions. I have been printing books for a couple of years with my 2200. The detail is wonderful if you use a good scanner ie. Epson 3200 or better because the computer and the printer by extension print exactly what it sees and if you use a high resolution scanner and scan at good res then the image will be sometimes better than you see it with your eyes . I use alot of charcoal and graphite drawings and it is amazing how true the print is. As for paper, I have used Arches watercolor without coating and I have used a bunch of coated papers. The colors are truer on coated papers especially if you use the ICCprofiles for the paper. Coated papers are also expensive. I use Arches Watercolor, Somerset Velvet and other uncoated papers and the detail is great and I like the way the image sinks into the paper but the colors may be off and not as bright. I have hand colored the prints but only with pencils. Inkjet ink is waterbased and can smear. I am sure there is a way. As for wear and tear it is best to seal the prints . They will get scratched and water damaged otherwise. I use an acrylic matte spray. There are probably better ways. Digital printing is an investment in time and money but I love it.  Sandy Olson

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