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[BKARTS] 21st century Handmade Illuminated Bible Exhibition in Dallas

The Illuminated manuscripts of James G. Pepper, 17 years in the making, a
modern handmade Bible by a Texan, is on display at the Museum of Biblical Arts
from March 8 through April 30 , 2005.   The Biblical Arts Center is at  7500
Park Lane, Dallas, Texas 75225, 214-691-4661, _http://www.biblicalarts.org_
(http://www.biblicalarts.org) .  It is  across from the Northwest corner of
Northpark Mall The Museum is open Tuesday  through Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm, and
on Sundays from 1pm to 5pm. Admission  is free to this exhibition.
Pages from the manuscripts include the Pepper Gospels, an ornate 514  page
set of Gospels written in a different calligraphic style for each  chapter.  It
is entirely laid out by hand without the use of computers.  Also are pages
from the New Testament completed in 1995. And a page from  Genesis which depicts
the earth rising from the moon; I was inspired by the 1968  Apollo 8 recital
of Genesis 1 by the astronauts as the circled the moon. Each  page exhibited is
in a different calligraphic style. The New Testament was  written in one
"hand" and I decided to make a set of Gospels that would knock  your socks off,
something that had a different hand in each chapter, with a  whole range of
historical manuscript styles.  The result is a book that  spans the centuries from
the 4th to the 20th century in handwriting styles and  decoration.  I have
shared an experience with every scribe that has written  the scriptures in the
past 2000 years.
The main feature of the show is a tribute to four of my friends who died in
the World Trade Center, the text of Luke Chapter 23, the Passion of Christ,
forms the 110 floors of the world trade center.  The first line of the text
reads "and the whole multitude arose" and I placed that in the lower floors of
the buildings.  The I placed the text in double columns with the next line  of
text placed above the first line, so the text arises to 110 lines for the 110
 floors.  The three crosses of Calvary are placed at the impact zones of the
planes and at the top where my friends died, they were with Cantor
Fitzgerald.  This forms 8 pages of text that are arranged vertically  and it fills an
arch in the museum.
Also on exhibit are the castings for the bronze statues that will be placed
in St. Joseph's chapel at ground zero.  A local artist won the commission  to
create these statues of saints.

James G. Pepper
Biblical Scribe

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