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[BKARTS] Edible Books A Call for Entries or Entrees & Tips for "Cooking" Your Own Book

To inspire and help book artists and book lovers who’re considering  cooking 
up a book 
for the Los Angeles Book Arts Center’s annual Edible Book Tea Party on  
April 2, we’re sending out these weekly updates and tips on creating  edible 
Our purpose is to celebrate the book arts – there is no competition or  
judging, just the 
joy of creating your own book and taking in the imagination of your  fellow 
book lovers. 
Last year, our youngest participant was 5 years old – a testament to the  
inspiration that 
books have on our lives – and if she can do it, so can you! 
This week, we’re going to look at how to create your work of art out of  
Now that you’ve selected a specific book and a specific character, scene  or 
theme to 
illustrate, think about books in general and how you’ll turn your chosen  one 
into art. 
* Will you be focusing on the book cover? 
* Opening the book and designing a 3-D two-page spread? 
* Perhaps you want to release your characters, scene or theme into a  
different form – 
turn it into a mobile, a miniature garden, or that item of clothing that  
always reminds you 
of your character? 
Whatever form your book takes, the ingredients won’t be paper, ink,  
cardboard and 
glue. Remember, we’ve got to be able to “read” your book and eat it, too!  
Every item 
you choose must be edible, tasty and capable of sitting around outside a  
'fridge for at 
least five hours. 
So, let’s take a trip to the market and think about the  following: 
* Are some foods Romantic? Mysterious? Silly? Scary? 
* Do some foods remind you of your character, theme, or the era of your  
* What foods are the colors you’re interested in using? 
* Which food shapes reflect the ideas you want to convey? 
* Which condiments can help out? Baking sprinkles? Mustard as a  “glue”? 
When you’ve got a short ingredient list going, here’s some more things to  
think about: 
* Do these foods have similar flavors in common? Will they work together  not 
visually, but as tastes? (Do you really want to eat a seaweed flag with a  
gumdrop emblem 
on it? Using marshmallow fluff as a glue is a great idea, but perhaps not  
with fish-flavored 
* Will each food item be fun to work with? Will it “last” for the  event? 
* Will you need any special tools or molds, or to do any pre-cooking for  the 
It’s time to pull together your list of ingredients – with some potential  
back-ups – because 
next week, we’re going to do a trial run! 
Whether you’re thinking about bringing an entry, or just want to join the  
here’s more information on the Edible Book Tea Party and a sign-up form,  if 
planning to bring an entry on April 2. 
Remember, it’s FREE to enter and attend, though it will help us to know  how 
entries to expect on the day. Thank You! 
WHO:  YOU & The Los  Angeles Book Arts Center 
WHAT: The Edible Book Tea Party 
WHEN:  Saturday, April 2,  2005 
WHERE: Plummer Park Recreation Center, 7377 Santa Monica Blvd., West  
WHY: To have fun and celebrate the book arts in all its entertaining  and 
delicious forms! 
EVENT DETAILS: Set-up for  participants with edible books  NOON  – 1:30 p.m. 
Open  to public viewing  2:00 – 4:00  p.m. 
Tea  Party – eat the books!  4:00 – 5:00  p.m. 
_LAGourmet@xxxxxxxx (mailto:LAGourmet@xxxxxxx)  
Your Name: 
Your E-mail: 
(LABAC will not give out your e-mail address or other  information) 
Your address: 
Your phone: 
Title of your entry: 
Book & author your entry is based upon: 
For more information, or to register your entry via phone, please contact  
Lisa Deutsch at 
310-657-2616, or _LAGourmet@xxxxxxxx (mailto:LAGourmet@xxxxxxx) . 

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