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[BKARTS] book clasp inquiry

Thanks for the referral to my book clasp site.

Just want to mention that I am scheduled to teach
a workshop this summer at the Oregon Book Arts
Guild Focus Conference, June 21 and 22.

More details can be found by following links there.

Making book clasps is really not that hard if you
have the right tools and a little basic knowledge
of working with metal. Add a little imagination
and you can make some great clasps.


Joycelyn Merchant

Date:    Sun, 13 Mar 2005 09:14:41 -0500
From:    Richard Minsky
Subject: Book Clasps

You can contact Joycelyn Merchant in Chicago:

Making clasps is fun and easy to do.  I don't do it the "metalsmith" way,
but instead make them out of wax and have them "lost wax" cast in bronze or
whatever metal is suitable to the book using either centrifugal or vacuum
casting.  You can get wax blocks, wax wire or wax sheets in a wide variety
of shapes and gauges at any decent jewelers' supply, or many online
sources. You also can get casting done either locally or by mail order.

You can see an example at

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