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[BKARTS] Rachel M. Kadel-Garcia

I don't quite follow the chain of ethical reasoning that leads to the

I think that it's quite inappropriate to rebind books without the owners'
permission or knowledge.  And I think that a lot of the maltreatment of
library books we see stems from not really thinking of the books as being
the property of the library.

    I found in my personal library a tattered copy of a book of folk songs
which belonged to the Kansas City Public Library. (Believe me when I say I
don't know how it got there, since I believe that people who steal books from
libraries should be put to sleep.  I lived in Kansas City over 35 years ago.)

    I rebound the book in blue leather with a nice 3/4 binding, and I am
returning it to the library.  No one can convince me that this is a bad thing
to do.


Jet Foncannon
Philadelphia, PA  19139

 The Belgian surrealist painter Renee Magritte entered a cheese store in
Brussels to purchase a wheel of Swiss cheese.  The owner pulled a wheel from
the front window, but Magritte said he preferred the one on the back counter.

 ?But they are identical,? the owner protested.
 ?No,? Magritte insisted.  ?This one?s been stared at.?

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