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Re: [BKARTS] secret book repair

It also depends on where you live, and what kind of library it is!

There is a woman taking classes with me) and she lives in a *small*
Rhode Island town.
This is going to make a lot of you cringe...... after a good oh,
three classes in book repair she went and volunteered to repair at
the local library. Their budget is so small, and their old books are
falling apart so fast... she brings them to class as her projects to
learn on!  They view her as a saint.
And I'm sure you could fix your favorite book and they wouldn't even
notice. But I'm sure asking wouldn't hurt either.

I think you're generous; if it were an extremely rare and valuable book,
I'd encourage you to take this discussion to the librarians -- for
obvious reasons. But for something that is just a nice book, I think it
would be overly fastidious to consider it unethical to repair it. But I
could be wrong.


Frances Castle wrote:

See, I have a favorite book from a local university library and it
is totally falling apart. It would be so easy to fix. It is not
particularly old or valuable or anything, and I am pretty sure that
I am the only person who even knows it exists. I love the book and
I want to fix it so they don't throw it out. I know I could just
point out the damage to them, but I'm afraid that if I did they
would throw it out immediately rather than spend time or money
fixing it. I work as a bookbinder who specializes in repair, and it
would be so easy for me to fix this book. Do you all think that
these thoughts of mine are totally unethical? Or maybe you think I
am very generous for wanting to repair a book free-of-charge?
Thanks for the advice,


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