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[BKARTS] secret book repair

But, if you had let the librarians know, then they'd know that they
had someone who could fix books for them should they be in the
situation of needing to fixing and keeping something circulating and
in the collection because of lack of funds to replace. Of course,
lack of funds to replace would probably also mean lack of funds to
reimburse you for time and materials.

And let's face it: Scotch tape on books often comes from borrowers
who take it upon themselves to "fix" a book without telling the
librarian. Many of us would be saved the grief of having to deal with
bad repairs in the first place if things were not "repaired" by the

---Amy West (school library volunteer)

Date:    Mon, 14 Mar 2005 21:46:04 -0600
From:    Juliayn Coleman <mulimayn@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: secret book repair
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I checked out one of Michael Moore's books from an unnamed local library and
it was a mess. I couldn't NOT fix it. I knew that if the librarians noticed
that the book was in such bad shape, they would probably have to withdraw it
and might not have the budget to order another copy.
I had fun doing the repair and am not ashamed to say I would pull a stunt
like this again.
-hee hee-

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