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Re: [BKARTS] Secret Book Repair

Yes, I'm guilty of doing the same: checking out a public
library book and doing minor repairs to it.  I also
take our own library books home, esp. Reference books
that cost so durn much (this is a medical library) and
reattach boards, repair tears, replace spines and just
get a letter for my time and trouble that I can deduct
on taxes the next year. (with a 35% budget cut, we can't
send things out for rebinding and can't buy new copies)
and Every donation for my tax deduction helps.  I also,
heaven forbid, check out books that local or visiting
authors have written and taken it to them to be signed.
Then I return it to the cataloging folks who make a notation
that it is an author signed copy and if it ever gets to
the book sale tables, they can get more for it.  In these
times of budget woes, this little bit of extra money helps
fund their projects.
OK, send me to jail.
TL Herbert, Charleston, SC

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