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Re: [BKARTS] secret book repair

>_I am always reminded of the Law of Unexpected Consequences.  You may be
>_right that if you draw attention to the dilapidated state of the book,
>_somebody will get the idea to get rid of it, etc.

No!  I tell you there is no chance that they will decide to toss a book
you like just because it is damaged.  Do you have any idea the degree of
despair as you look at your collection and realise that some 40% of the
books have never been checked out a single time?  Okay, I am totally
making that number up, but it is a constant fight to get people to use the
books (and you want to be able to prove that patrons are using the books
so that your library can continue to get funding).  They will be glad to
repair, replace, or rebind any damaged book that is actually used.

> And there are so many bureaucratic procedures in institutions--not
> without merit always--that you might start something that would end up
> at least withdrawing the book for a long period as they use their own
> repair people.

Now that's true.  While they aren't discarding it, they still might have
it inaccessible.  I think is was six years after my alma mater shut down
their mending operations before they processed all of the books that had
been awaiting repairs... if they have finished.

So how do you make sure your book is processed quickly?  Most libraries
have a hold function where patrons can request a book that another patron
has borrowed (or sometimes one that is still in process as a new
acquisition) -- so have them put a hold on the book.  That should ensure
that it is processed as promptly as possible.

 - Rachael Schechter

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