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[BKARTS] bookthing - Baltimore, MD

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Monday, March 14, 2005


There's a little place in Baltimore called the Bookthing. They take
your old books and give them away to other people. It's not any more
complicated than that. I go in and drop off my old English Literature
from 1800-1950 textbook, they hang on to it until someone else comes
in and takes it home. It's all free. Seriously. Here's the
<http://www.bookthing.org/>. Just click on the FAQ for a little more
There is a problem though, they ran out of space at the old place,
and now that they've found a new space, they have to pay the closing
costs and everything else, quick.
Here's the story:
I have good news and bad news for everybody. We have signed a
contract on a new location that is seven times the size of our
current location, but we need to raise $40,000 for a down payment and
closing costs in less than 30 days. This is the most pivotal time in
the history of The Book Thing.
To bring everyone up to speed: the building that houses our current
location was sold in September 2004. The new owner is looking to
renovate our space into an office or apartment. Our rent was $235 and
he has now raised it to $525. The growth of The Book Thing has been
strangled by our current location; no handicap accessibility, no
heat, no bathroom, and lack of room limit the time that people can
stay to volunteer or shop, and that limits the amount of books we can
display and give away.
With the purchase of this building, 3001 Vineyard Lane in Waverly, we
will have a permanent location in Baltimore so our existence is no
longer at the whim of landlords. Our monthly mortgage payments will
be less than we would have to pay in rent for a similar space. This
new building will also have luxury items such as bathrooms and heat.
We have secured a mortgage for $210,00 from a private individual,
amortized over 30 years but due in three years. Now all we need is
the remaining $50,000 of the purchase price and $10,000 for closing
costs. I have contacted some foundations and corporations. They have
expressed interest, but that will take time. So we are coming to you,
our supporters, for help.
To all of those who have given recently, thank you. To all of those
who haven't, please consider giving. If you believe in The Book
Thing, ask friends, neighbors, and relatives. Remember, all donations
are tax deductible. Check the website <http://www.bookthing.org/> for

Yours in books,

Russell Wattenberg

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