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Re: [BKARTS] secret book repair

The road to hell is paved with good intentions...

I've seen the work of many "honorable" individuals who feel that they are
doing the "right" thing. Now, some of these "honorable" individuals have
the skills and experience to do this "necessary" work in a "responsible"
manner. "Honorable others" have no business whatsoever touching anyone
else's belongs without their express consent. I'm basing this on things I
have seen, read, and heard on this list and others, in workshops, on the
web, ... Unfortunately some of these "honorable others" also  take on
private work, teach, ...

Now wait... I totally agree with you when you put it in the light of
the second part-- that people who don't have permission should not be
fixing people's brakes on the sly, medicating their children,
etc....and I totally see how that can be applied to library books....

But your first paragraph is a total non sequitur. Total value
judgement there, which you are allowed to make, granted but....  the
woman in my class that I just mentioned would surely be one of those
"honorable others" by your standards-- she's 80 years old, working in
bookbinding for a maximum of six months, and moderately skilled at
best. Has never ever worked with leather. Works on her dinner table.
the library does actually *love* her and consider her truly honorable
.... many conservateurs would still think she was a vandal.

They are not YOUR books. You may think you are doing the library a favor. I
disagree. While feeling that your cause is just you are committing
vandalism. I suppose I could fix the brakes on your car, medicate your
kids,  ...

Yikes, this thread is truly frightening!



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