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Re: [BKARTS] secret book repair

That's what it's all about. Having permission, having some level of
training, AND supervision. If your 80 year old meets those institutional
criteria, ok, I guess, but. The only student I ever asked NOT to come back
did, and continues to do repairs for all manner of individuals. Just awful
in every sense. He's never been busier.

Yes, there are differing levels of appropriate treatment, but it is not our
place to unilaterally take things into our own hands. While we may disagree
with collection development and deaccessioning policies, there is a reason
for them. As bookartists/binders/... we often have a fetishistic attitude
towards the artifact. We need to get over that, to a point. Not everything
will survive, nor should it. If there's a book that's special to you, go
onto bookfinder and buy it. Or, if it's still in print, offer to buy a new
copy for your library, or better yet, make a donation.

But again, we have no right what so ever to simply start "fixing" other
peoples stuff. If one is a student, buy discards and practice, inform
yourself about appropriate practices, go to a workshop... Then perhaps, go
an ask if there's an opportunity to volunteer in a controlled way. Don't
forget to show samples. Make clear you know the boundaries of your competence.

In terms of a faulty analogy, I don't think so. Being a tax payer does not
give us that right, and repair can be vandalism, especially if non-consensual.


Peter D. Verheyen
Bookbinder & Conservator, PA - AIC
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