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Re: [BKARTS] Secret book repair

"J. J. Foncannon" wrote:
>     Libraries don't own the books in a public library, either legally or morally.
> The books in the library at 40th and Walnut here are owned by the city of
> Philadelphia, in which I-- an affirmed taxpayer--- reside.
Yes. But the librarians are the custodians of those books - their
caretakers. The assumption is that through education and experience
librarians will make appropriate decisions relating to the books in
their care. You own City Hall, too; but I bet if you went down and
started repointing the stonework there'd be a ruckus.

>     Disrepair blocks the usefulness of books in the same way that trash can block
> a sidewalk. Should I attempt to move a pile of trash blocking the sidewalk?  Maybe
> I shouldn't--- I might make a mess of it, as indeed some children would.  Better
> just leave it and its attendant hazard alone.
What if it's not trash and you just think it is? Not being totally
facetious here.

Don Rash

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