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Re: [BKARTS] Secret book repair

You know, this is really fun. Thank you everyone for responding to my post. I have to admit, I am starting to feel like I should ask permission to fix the book. I guess I don't really know how I should ask without sounding odd. Allow me to state some facts about my situation for you all to analyze and use to advise me. Let's make it into a big case study:

-I am an alumna of the university whose library owns this book which is why I have borrowing privileges there.

-I am a bookbinder, not someone looking for books to practice on or anything. Bookbinding is my job, people pay me to fix their books. I work in a book bindery that is 35 years old, not out of my house or anything. I know what I want to do to fix this book, and it is nothing out of my league, I assure you. It can only come out of this process in better shape.

-I am in a graduate library and information science program in order to one day become a librarian, and the librarians at the library in question kind of know me a little bit because I spend a lot of time there asking them questions and doing research, but I do not attend that particular university anymore.

-The book in question has already been re-bound at least once. The outside has been bound in some red buckram and a title was typed onto a slip of paper and glued on. On the inside, the bookblock fell apart from the cover apparently after its rebinding, so somebody taped it back on with library book repair tape. That tape has ripped and the bookblock and cover are once again two separate entities. Additionally, the sewing is broken and several sections are entirely free of the text block and I'm sure the rest will follow soon. I think that if someone were to even drop this book into a book return it would fall apart.

-I could simply re-sew the textblock and put it back into its original cover using the same method its previous binder used: gross library repair tape, and I'm sure that nobody in the world would have noticed. If that is all I had planned on doing though, I probably would have done it by now. What I really want to do is make it a new cover as well. Nothing crazy or glitzy, just nice and functional and attractive to look at, but, most importantly, long-lasting.

-I took someone's advice from the list and tried to locate a used copy of this book somewhere on the internet, but it was to no avail. I constantly look for this book actually, but I've never been able to find it anywhere but this library. In fact, if I had ever seen it for purchase, I would have bought it for myself by now and completely forgotten about this copy. This is why it is so important to me that I save this book. I have a secret fear that it is the only copy in the world and it is my responsibility to preserve it.
   "Frances!" you say, "If the book is so hard to find, perhaps it is a rare and valuable book! How dare you?"
Well, I assure you, rare it may be, but valuable it is not. I mean not in the monetary sense, it is seemingly only valuable to me. It is also completely out of place at this library. It is the only book on this subject that the library has, and it is entirely un-academic, and I've always secretly wondered how it got there, so I can't imagine that anyone would be bothered if it had a mini-makeover because I am convinced that I am the only person who ever checks it out. I am at a loss to explain why it is in such bad shape, I think it was possibly donated in this condition.

- If anyone was wondering, it was published in the mid-1970s, so it really isn't even all that old.

Well then, I guess that's all I have to say about my situation. Please help me prepare a convincing argument for the library to make the library allow me to fix this book. Oh, you should bear in mind that I am very shy and I have trouble saying things to people that sound authoritative. I mean, I always sound unsure of myself which I guess is why I am asking you all what you would say if you were in the same situation as me. You can reply off-list if you think I have just injected a bit of boredom into this formerly titillating thread. Again, thanks for all the opinions!

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