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Re: [BKARTS] Secret book repair

Okay.  Don't go to the circulation desk, book in hand, and say, "I'll just
be fixing this now."

Instead, look at the library's website and email the most senior person
you can possibly find in the staff listing.  Someone with Director in
his or her title is the perfect person.

Keep the email short, though, because this person is busy.

Sentence 1: You are an alumna and patron
Sentence 2: You love this book, but it is damaged (give a citation)
Sentences 3-4: you are fully qualified to repair it and really they should
be begging you to pay you money to do it (but not quite in those terms)
Sentence 5: You will do it for free.
Sentence 6: You will do it in a manageable timeframe.
Sentence 7: Please.
Sentence 8: When you are available to stop by to meet the director and
pick up the book... or should you just check it out as normal and let
there be an understanding
Sentence 9: Thank you
The end.

Really.  You are 95% likely to have success with this approach.

 - Rachael Schechter

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