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Re: [BKARTS] Secret book repair

>_Sentence 1: You are an alumna and patron
>_Sentence 2: You love this book, but it is damaged (give a citation)
>_Sentences 3-4: you are fully qualified to repair it and really they should
>_be begging you to pay you money to do it (but not quite in those terms)
>_Sentence 5: You will do it for free.
>_Sentence 6: You will do it in a manageable timeframe.
>_Sentence 7: Please.
>_Sentence 8: When you are available to stop by to meet the director and
>_pick up the book... or should you just check it out as normal and let
>_there be an understanding
>_Sentence 9: Thank you
>_The end.

I forgot... Sentence 6.5: you are willing to be held fully liable and
are willing to be charged to replace the book if, for any reason, they are
not satisfied.

And did I say to do it in email?  That really is the likeliest way to get
a quick response.

Also, include you contact information and URL for the bindery's website.

 - Rachael Schechter

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