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Re: [BKARTS] secret book repair

Although I think this string is very interesting and I
am glad that so many of us are looking at the ethical
reasoning behind a secret book repair, there's a good
chance that the librarian who is going to make that
decision is not going mull over this decision as much
as we have.  His/Her decision may be based more on
what sort of a day she is having than the ethics or
library policies behind the decision.  We also seem to
be second guessing the policies of a library that we
know nothing about.

With that in mind, I do think you need to ask, but
make sure you do talk to the right person and try to
make them truly think about what you are offering them
and let them know they can tell you later so they
don't need to make a split decision.  If you can, try
to find out more about the book repair process of that
library before you even ask. That would be good
knowledge to arm yourself with.

Karen Bulow

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