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[BKARTS] unnecessary repairs

    Linda Hall Library in Kansas City is the premier technical library
in the world.  When I was working in Kansas City, the director of the
library, a chemist by training and a terrifically sweet person,
supervised not only the usual library functions but oversaw on of the
richest collections of technical rare books in existence:  original
copies of Newton's Principia, Vesalius' Anatomy, etc.  These books, he
decided were looking a little scruffy.  So he had them rebound.  I
almost fainted when he proudly showed me the result: garish covers made
of what appeared to be garment or designer leather, and stamping done
with some modern Roman font.
    A previous poster to this group stated that librarians don't always
have a sense about how to appropriately restore a book.  This
underscores her argument.


Jet Foncannon
Philadelphia, PA  19139

 The Belgian surrealist painter Renee Magritte entered a cheese store in
Brussels to purchase a wheel of Swiss cheese.  The owner pulled a wheel
from the front window, but Magritte said he preferred the one on the
back counter.
 ?But they are identical,? the owner protested.
 ?No,? Magritte insisted.  ?This one?s been stared at.?

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