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[BKARTS] Now a scanner question - recommendations?

Hello you helpful people,

Ok, I've got the Epson 2200 down, and now I'm just choosing a scanner!  I
will be doing primarily flat art scanning - line art & gray washes, some
color - and some slide scanning.

The top contenders from what I've researched are: the Epson 4180 at $200, or
the Epson 4870 photo at $400.  The 4180 is 3.4 dmax, the 4870 is 3.8 dmax.
From what I understand, the 4870's superior at slide scanning & has programs
to ease that (digital ice, to help remove dust digitally) - but I don't
really have a way to test that.  But maybe the 4180 is also excellent?  I'm
just trying to decide if a 3.4 dmax is excellent ENOUGH - do I really need
to spend an extra $200 - but if the difference is that profound, it's worth

Any feedback?  Do any of you have experience with either scanner, or another
favorite you'd recommend?

Thanks again.  It's so great to have ppl out there who've already tested
this stuff.... :)


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