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Re: [BKARTS] Secretly add a book to the library

Actually, this can be far more of a headache for librarians sometimes than
even the thought of people altering their books willy- nilly. Whenever we
find books in the library where I work that do not have our imprints and
barcode, it is a massive headache to decide what to do with them. Patron
lost and found? Or was it meant as a donation? Should we hold on to it in
case the original owner comes back looking for it? How long? We have two
medium- sized boxes of these materials that we must hold on to for two years
(!) before we can consider them donations, so if someone just told us it was
a donation it would make things a lot easier.
We, and many libraries, charge a processing fee over and above any
replacement fees charged when patrons fail to return items, which should
indicate that there are costs to us involved when we need to accession,
catalog, and process new items.
Just a thought...

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