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Re: [BKARTS] Secret Book Repair

Hi Frances-
This seems to me story just daring to be told. The seed of an artist's book. 
If I have a vote, I say bind it, repair it, tenderly, and with all the love 
you have to give!
 Would you be so brave as to tell us the title and author?

A L I C E    S I M P S O N
D A N C E   M A R A T H O N

> From:    Frances Castle <StringBeanJean@xxxxxxx>
> Subject: Re: secret book repair
> See, I have a favorite book from a local university library and it is 
> totally falling apart. It would be so easy to fix. It is not particularly old or 
> valuable or anything, and I am pretty sure that I am the only person who even 
> knows it exists. I love the book and I want to fix it so they don't throw it 
> out. I know I could just point out the damage to them, but I'm afraid that if 
> I did they would throw it out immediately rather than spend time or money 
> fixing it. I work as a bookbinder who specializes in repair, and it would be so 
> easy for me to fix this book. Do you all think that these thoughts of mine 
> are totally unethical? Or maybe you think I am very generous for wanting to 
> repair a book free-of-charge? Thanks for the advice,
> Frances

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