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[BKARTS] percent solutions? mc, wheat, gelatin

A while back when discussing methyl cellulose one of the Uof T
instructors (I think) posted that she likes to use a 2% solution for
sizing (I'm leaving viscosity/chain-length out of this for the
moment, but if you want to bring it up, that's fine).

Having had a chemist friend remind me of how to make a
weight-percentage solution (I learned it in General Chemistry a
bazillion years ago, honestly) I know now that this is how I want to
mix up my methyl cellulose, wheat paste, and gelatin instead of the
typical x tbsp to x cups of water recipes that I've seen. (Because I
can scale it to the amount that I want to mix up.)

Can anyone share with me what percent solutions of methyl cellulose,
wheat paste, and gelatin you use for adhesive? What percent solutions
of wheat paste and gelatin do you use for sizing?

Many thanks,

Amy West

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