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[BKARTS] Two Week Summer Letterpress & Desgin Intensive

SFCB Announces a two-week summer letterpress/design intensive
Hot Swiss Type: From Layout to Hand Composition to Finished Book

In this 70-hour master class, internationally renowned Swiss designer
Jean-Benoît Lévy along with Romano Hänni, one of the finest letterpress
printer/designers in the world, will lead participants back to the most
fundamental principles of design by emphasizing its two essential tools, the
eye and the hand. 
Students will confront the relationship between the infinitely diverse
properties inherent in computer-based typography and the unique look and
feel of traditional metal typesetting. Working together without computers,
the class will design, handset, print and bind an edition of a small book.
Without being a nostalgic view of the past, this workshop will challenge
participants to bring new perception to the process of typographical
creation. Lévy and Hänni will create an atmosphere of immersion in pure
typography, concentrating on ways in which the strict limitations of hand
typesetting can first influence and then become a cornerstone of the design
Both designers were educated at the Basel School of Design and teach
regularly. Hänni, who lives in Basel, finds ways to combine in his
professional work a deep knowledge of metal type with the microtypography
issues addressed daily on the computer. Lévy is a member of the prestigious
Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI), known internationally for his
poster design. He lives and works in both Basel and San Francisco.
Please also join us for the ³Finissage² party Friday, August 5, 7-9pm, for a
showcase of work from this master class. This event is free and open to the

Two weeks:
Monday through Friday July 25 through 29 10 am to 5 pm
Monday through Friday August 1 through 5 10 am to 5 pm
Tuition: $1,600

Location: The San Francisco Center for the Book
300 De Haro Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

Additional information is available at www.sfcb.org.
To register or to see samples of Romano Hanni and Jean Benoit-Levy's work
please contact Steve Woodall at 415-565-0545 Ext. 14 or steve@xxxxxxxxx

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