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Re: [BKARTS] lie/lay(was "paper")

I just returned from school and opened my email. I'm sorry if I've started something. I am a very slow 2 fingered typist and occasionally do make mistakes. I'm not convinced my spelling was incorrect as I've just wasted time checking various sources, and I've seen both spellings for the same meaning. For those of you who feel I used the wrong spelling, I'm sorry. I was only trying to help someone out in the search for some paper.

I love to read books and bind books, if I use the wrong spelling occasionally, it's no big deal. I tell my students (art K-8) that I was 50 when I learned that 1 plus 1 equals 2, I always thought it was 11. They get a kick out of it. We all need to lighten up sometimes.

Enjoy the weekend.

Mary Jane

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  To confuse things further:

  I once told a paint and body shop manager, "I left the bumper lying on the
  ground in front of the car." He said, "You mean 'laying on the ground' don't
  you? Inanimate objects can't lie!"
  It's true that inanimate objects can't "lie," but they "can" lie! He had the
  rule backward. It should be: "Inanimate objects can't lay." Even some
  animate objects can't lay. Dogs can't lay. Cows and pigs can't lay. But hens
  and bricklayers can.

  Another especially troublesome form of lie is lying, the present participle
  of lie. Lying may be used with both animate and inanimate objects.

  The scissors are lying on the desk.
  Tourists are lying on the beach getting sunburned.


  on 3/18/05 6:03 PM, bertha rogers at bkrogers@xxxxxxxxxxxx<mailto:bkrogers@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

  > Because paper is an object, not a person, the correct form is laying on a
  > shelf, I believe.
  > Bertha Rogers
  > On 18 Mar 2005 at 11:26, Signa Houghteling wrote:
  >> Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Mary Jane, for using the correct form
  >> of "lie."
  >> Signa
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  >> Subject: Re: paper?
  >> I used tableau for many years. It came from Dedham, MA. The company went out
  >> of business, and unless a store or catalog still has some hanging around, it
  >> no longer exists. You might try places like Nasco, Dick Blick, Sax etc. and
  >> ask if they have any. They probably wouldn't have enough to list in their
  >> catalog, but it might be lying on a shelf. Who knows/ Doesn't hurt to ask.

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