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Re: [BKARTS] paper? (getting off topic)

No, that's not correct, although it's an extremely common mistake. Mary
Jane's use is correct. The dictionary describes the distinction as
transitive versus intransitive - whether an action is being performed on an
object or being performed by the object.


> Because paper is an object, not a person, the correct form is laying on a
> shelf, I believe.
> Bertha Rogers
> On 18 Mar 2005 at 11:26, Signa Houghteling wrote:
>> Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Mary Jane, for using the correct form
>> of "lie."
>> Signa
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>> Jane Bohlen
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>> Subject: Re: paper?
>> I used tableau for many years. It came from Dedham, MA. The company went out
>> of business, and unless a store or catalog still has some hanging around, it
>> no longer exists. You might try places like Nasco, Dick Blick, Sax etc. and
>> ask if they have any. They probably wouldn't have enough to list in their
>> catalog, but it might be lying on a shelf. Who knows/ Doesn't hurt to ask.
>> Mary Jane

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