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Re: [BKARTS] lie/lay(was "paper")

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But what if it is laid paper?
By now that has become an adjective. I think it originally referred to
the mould use to make the paper, where the screen was formed by laying
rigid wires side-by-side with only a few very light cross-wires or
threads to stabilize the assembly. The wires had been "laid" so the
thing become known as a "laid mould", the paper as "laid paper", and the
watermark-like lines left in the paper by the wires as "laid lines".

Oh, I know! I was just making a joke! After all that grammar stuff, I thought I would throw a little bookbinder humor in...hahahaha -Jenny

When I typed this email, it made total sense.
That does not guarantee it will make sense when you are reading it.
Consider it a mystery of time and space...


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