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[BKARTS] Encyclopedia Entry

Hi -

The beginning of the site for the 1911 Encyclopedia Brittanica says:
"LoveToKnow is in the process of updating and editing thousands of the
entries, preserving the treasured entries that make it so unique, and adding
entries on new relevant topics." Apparently, any particular entry may be an
edited version of the entry in the 1911 Encyclopedia. I don't know if the
reader will be told of any edits. If anyone knows more about this, please

And they prohibit using the information for any illegal purpose - that could
be a big problem (just kidding).

And, until someone buys it from me, I do have a copy of the books and browse
them as time permits.

And (it almost goes without saying) a book is a book is a book is a book and
the content of a book is very similar but is not the book.

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