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Re: [BKARTS] Encyclopedia Entry

Boberta Lavadour gave us the link to the online 1911 _Encyclopedia Britannica_, and I'm pleased to have it.  The 11th does indeed remain an enormously useful reference work for some purposes, particularly as a cumulation of the results of 19th century philology stimulated by a strong German scholarly tradition. It was the last edition of the _Britannica_ before the work moved to the United States.

What the good folks at "LoveToKnow" are giving us, however, (in addition to somewhat intrusive advertising) is nonsense that borders on the ridiculous!  Straight unedited OCR: often close to unreadable, often uncertain in meaning, lacking illustrations, filled with unintentional humor.

Most similiar projects avoid a good deal of this by offering _image_ views of each page (usually as PDF files but sometimes utilizing other image formats), and using the OCR as an underlying searchable text.  This means that searching "bookbinding" (or any other words in the article) would bring up page views of the article (which, typically, can then be navigated in various ways.

Consequently, searching is not entirely reliable (since many words are not correctly translated by OCR), _but_ page views do accurately represent the text that has been digitized.

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