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[BKARTS] Bay Area Letterpress printers

Hello all, I am design student at California College of the Arts doing
a magazine project on letterpress printers primary in the Bay Area.
Part of the main focus of the this magazine will be on the wide range
of projects printers are doing, and also as a way to connect printers
together to form more of a community. Ideally, I would like to use
this information as a spring to creating an on line resource,
including articles written by you, examples of your work, current
shows and events, tips & advice, etc.

Whether you are an experienced or novice printer, please email me with
a short summary of your experience, what type of work you do - any
images are more than welcome! Also include if you have your own press,
and email contact information, please.

I am not looking to create another Book Arts List serve, and will not
bother or harass you.

Since being involved in letterpress over the past year, I have noticed
a large wave of exciting projects and styles being done in the Bay
Area.  I think this project could be a great way to form a tighter
community and share this art form.

Thank you,
Sonja Hernandez

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *
Sonja Hernandez

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