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[BKARTS] Fwd: Engraver Information Sought: J. Bower

An inquiry forwarded from Museum-L: please contact Anne Lane directly
if you have any helpful information (such as resources to check).


Amy West

Date:    Mon, 21 Mar 2005 16:54:22 -0500
From:    Anne Lane <alane@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Engraver Information Sought
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We have just been offered a Bible illustrated with engravings by
somebody named J. Bower. I am unable to find much information on the
internet, and I hope that somebody among you might know something
about him. I found one reference connecting him with a book of maps;
there are a number of maps in this Bible. I don't have a date for the
Bible itself; the important half of the title page is missing so I
don't have a publisher or country either. The book is bound in full
calf with the words "Holy Bible" in gold on the spine along with a
few lines of gold tooling. Dimensions are 11" x 9" x 4 5/8". The type
is fairly large. The paper is fairly brown but still very flexible,
which makes me think earlier 19th century. The front cover is loose,
the boards are trying to delaminate around the edges, and the
fold-out maps are somewhat tattered and very creased. We're also
missing, alas, a chunk of Genesis, some of which is crumpled up and
pressed between later pages of the book.

If you can help me with Mr. Bower, or point me toward some
authorities on bibles in general, I'd be delighted.
Many thanks,

Anne T. Lane, Collections Manager Charlotte Museum of History 3500 Shamrock Drive Charlotte NC 28215 704-568-1774, ext 110 alane@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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