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[BKARTS] Short Book Arts Questionnaire

PLEASE RESPOND OFF-LIST to marnie.torrey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Dear Fellow Book Artist,

I need your help. 

I am giving a lecture this summer entitled, "Why Books?". I will be
talking about the experiences that led to my involvement in book arts
and fine press. I would also like to present other artists' involvement
with the book form. This is an opportunity to educate the local
community about the vitality and vibrancy of the book arts. 

Please answer the following four questions. Be as brief or as thorough
as you'd like. I'd rather have a one sentence response than none at all.
I appreciate your time!

1. Define artist book (go ahead, take a stab at it!).

2. Would you characterize yourself as a book person (binder,
conservator, etc) who recognized the book as an art form, or as an
artist who found books to be a fertile format, or as another animal

3. Why books? What is it about the book form, or the book as a concept,
or the book as a vehicle, or the book as a container, or books in
general that has inspired you to make them?

4. What are the usual materials that you employ to make books? What are
the most wild and innovative materials you've used?

I will be showing slides in conjunction with this lecture. If you have a
slide or slides that you would be willing to allow me to use, please
send them to me. Your name and the title of the piece would be presented
each time I used the slide. I am hoping to build a personal slide
library for teaching and lecturing purposes, so I would very much like
to keep the slides. However, if you would like them returned, I am happy
to do so. Alternatively, with your permission, I could have a copy made
and return the original.

I very much appreciate your time and your willingness to share your
experiences. Please respond to me at marnie.torrey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx by
April 10, 2005.

Thank you,


Marnie Powers-Torrey
Studio Manager/Instructor
Book Arts Program
295 South 1500 East
Salt Lake City, UT 84112

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