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Mary Jo Koranda wrote:
> Does anyone have any reccomendations on a hepa vac?  First on brands
> or models, second on backpack versus cannister types.

I have used Nilfisk's GM-80 HEPA filtered vacuums for over 5 years. One
is the kind that has a variable speed motor on it for tamping down the
suction for use on very fragile items. What we use are cannister models
on casters. The hose is super long, so having to reach high shelving is
not a problem, and the electric cord is also incredibly long so moving
it around in a large space is very easy, and hardly ever requires
shifting where it is plugged in. They are very reliable, durable, and
quiet. I have not used their backpack version myself, but have seen it
in action, and think it is high quality as well.  I realize they are
very expensive, but have found them to be well worth the price, all
things considered.

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