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Re: [BKARTS] looking for info.

These titles give a range of useful background information:

_Origins of the Book_ by Mohamed A. Hussein, New York
Graphic Society, Ltd., Greenwich, Connecticut, 1970.

"Describing and illustrating the first development of
the book from early Pharonic times to the Arab Middle
Ages of the 14th century..."

_Islamic Bindings & Bookmaking_ by Gulnar Bosch, John
Carswell, and Guy Petherbridge.  University of Chicago,

Levey, Martin. "Mediaeval Arabic Bookmaking and its
Relation to Early Chemistry and Pharmacology".
_Transactions of the American Philosophical Society_;
1962; 52(4).


>  Does anyone know of any contemporary book artists, bookbinders, and/or
>     book related resources in Turkey?
>  I am also interested in knowing any reference/informative
>     books and information about the history of the book particularily in
>     Turkey(extending as well to the Middle East and Northern African region).

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