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Re: [BKARTS] looking for info.

"The Book Before Printing, Ancient,
Medieval, and Oriental"
David Diringer
New York: Dover Publications (1982)

Though somewhat west of your interest area,
you may find the following  useful:

"The Arts of the Book in Central Asia,
14th - 16th Centuries"
Basil Gray, General Editor
Boulder CO: Shambala/UNESCO (1979)

Four major sections cover calligraphy, illumination,
bookbinding, and miniature Painting.

Alan Shalette

| > Does anyone know of any contemporary book artists, bookbinders, and/or
| >   book related resources in Turkey?
| >
| > I am also interested in knowing any reference/informative
| >   books and information about the history of the book particularily in
| >   Turkey(extending as well to the Middle East and Northern African region).
| >
| >thanks,
| >
| >Sara

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