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Re: [BKARTS] Fake Gold and Leather


Yes, imitation foil used on leather will turn green in time (I'm not sure
how long it takes). In order not to waste the genuine gold foil, I make a
practice impression on a scrap of leather which I then discard. I found one
of those scraps weeks or months later in my scrap box. The lettering had
indeed turned to an ugly shade of green.

The roll of 22 K gold foil I have came with a labeled strip of Mylar wrapped
around it. I am always careful to replace that when I have finished the job.
That's really the only way I can distinguish the real gold from the fake.


Hullo. Someone asked me about using fake gold foil on leather and I
immediately responded with, "No... the metals in fake gold will discolor
over time, turn green... only use genuine gold." Upon reflection, my
answer was based only on early experience and I don't know if it's always
true. Do some of you use foils other than genuine gold to good effect on

Too, I'll raise this thread again for any new comments. Is there a good
test to tell a roll of genuine gold foil from imitation?

Bob Roberts

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