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[BKARTS] Student Time Multiplier

Hi Kevin ... I am assuming that you have beginners and that you are teaching basic skills to young adults. We aren't talking French onlays here, right?
You should allow three times your speed for your students to accomplish the task. Most of this (2.5x) is their actually doing but a significant part is simply you repeating instructions and portions of your demonstration on an individual basis. As much as possible demand group attention to these "do overs". It saves time in the long run and promotes peer communication.
I'd like to suggest that every lesson plan incorporate the beginning steps of the next class so as to occupy the "fast" learners. This group will change membership as the class progresses.
It is difficult to return in our minds to the time of ignorance. You will consistently find that everything seems to take much longer than you imagine. If it is not too late you might consider allowing 30 to 45 minutes after class officially ends to bring up to speed those students who are most singular. I always found that it took me two days to prepare and "teach" a three hour class. I hope that you are scheduling regular one on one studio time with each student.
Remember please that the most important students are those who at the moment least understand, who struggle the most. Those are the ones who ask the most interesting questions and generate the real payoff for teaching. Best, James


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