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[BKARTS] Volunteers for Los Angeles Edible Book High/Low Tea - This Saturday April 2

The Los Angeles Book Arts Center is looking for a few individuals who would  
be interested in helping out with the Edible Book Arts Exhibition this 
Saturday,  April 2 between noon and 5PM.  We need some fun, event/social  loving 
people to assist with setting up this unique tea party, making  sure things are 
running smoothly, and quick tear down.   Please  contact Lisa Deutsch at (310) 
657-2616 or at _LAGourmet@xxxxxxxx (mailto:LAGourmet@xxxxxxx)   if you can 
spare  a couple hours or spend the day with us.  Please see the press  release 
below for more information about this exhibition.  We look  forward to sharing 
this celebration of the book arts with you.


Edible-Book Art Tea Party Serves Up Food for  Thought:

A Cornucopia of Books to Whet Your Appetite

WHAT: A  banquet of books will be served up for the public’s viewing---and  
feasting---pleasure at the International Edible Book Art High/Low Tea. This 
free  event open to the public is part art exhibit, part tea party---and you can  
eat the art because it's made of food instead of paper.

WHAT'S TO  SEE: Children's classics, detective novels, biographies, 
romance---every  type of book imaginable will be sculpted from a smorgasbord of 
foodstuffs.   Imagine chocolate shoes whose tongues tell tales. Or, baklava books 
with pages  made of filo dough. In past years, artists have designed text on 
mobiles made  from fruit roll-ups that looked like stained glass and written 
poetry on growing  lettuce, which was harvested for a salad.

SEE MORE: Photographs of the  delectable, delightful creations from previous 
edible-book events can be viewed  at: www.colophon.com/ediblebooks/photos.html.

WHEN: This Saturday,  April 2 from 2 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.  Edible books will be 
on display from 2 to 4 p.m.  Tea and edible book art served promptly  at 4 
p.m. d

WHERE: The West Hollywood Community Center in Plummer  Park, 7377 Santa 
Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood.

WHO: The  City of West Hollywood and the Los Angeles Book Arts Center, a 
nonprofit art  center, will be hosting this annual event for book-, art- and 
fun-lovers of all  ages. Please contact Lisa Deutsch at (310) 657-2616 or at 
LAGourmet@xxxxxxx for  more info.  Also please visit our website: www.LABookArts.com

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