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[BKARTS] UCLA Extension Bookmaking Class

UCLA Extension will be offering another class in bookmaking:

Handmade Book Structures
Art 4 Units X418.12
A 12-week course at UCLA Extension
by Kitty Maryatt, MFA
Principal Owner, Two Hands Press
and Director of the Scripps College Press

Starts April 5, 2005
Ends June 21, 2005
Tuesdays 6:30 to 9:30 p.m.
Cost: $490
Contact: UCLA Extension
310 825-9971
or visit uclaextension.org

The structure of artist’s books today is constantly changing,
challenging our conception of the meaning of the word
book. The act of opening and manipulating a book
becomes an experience in itself, enlarging the process
of interaction between the reader and the book. Essential
to artists and printers in constructing imaginative
bookbindings for a variety of applications, this course
investigates the anatomy of the book: when and how
to sew through the fold; when to pleat, fan, or glue the
pages together; methods of attaching limp or stiff covers;
and how the nature of paper can determine an
appropriate structure. Instruction emphasizes the
archaeology of the book: how historical sewing structures
can be revitalized, as well as the value of
craftsmanship in bookmaking. Each week, students make
models of different book structures. Assignments encourage
the imaginative adaption of structures
outside of class. No previous experience required.
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