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[BKARTS] Workshops in Aurora, New York

Registration is ongoing for classes at the Wells Book Arts Summer Institute.
Enjoy intensive learning in a beautiful lakeshore setting in Aurora, New
York. Open to all levels.

JUNE 19-25, 2005

Julia Leonard, "Binding Structure and Story"
The visual, tactile and intimate qualities of the artists¹ book, whether
traditional or experimental in form, make the book¹s structure an essential
contextual element. This workshop will explore connections between structure
and content. Participants will learn several non-traditional book structures
that are flexible & adaptable, making them particularly appropriate for
presenting material in alternative forms. We will integrate structure, text
and image to create books in which the binding enhances both the function &
meaning of a piece. Structures will include non-adhesive combination
bindings, stiff leaf variants, accordion folds and several of the many
variants that can be built off the basic accordion fold. We will switch
classes with the Langworthy workshop for an afternoon to provide students
with exposure to non-traditional methods on the press.

Sara Langworthy, "Drawing at the Press: Fluid Approaches to Innovative
This class asks ?what would happen if?¹ and  encourages students to then see
?what happens when.¹ Using  traditional fine printing as our point of
departure, we will explore and exploit the world of nontraditional &
innovative printmaking on the Vandercook. Students will be exposed to an
array of printing techniques such as pressure printing, excessive layering,
purposeful misregistration, painterly monoprinting, trace monoprinting,
incorporation of aqueous materials into printed sheets, stencils, handwork,
& more! Exercises will familiarize students with each process, and the class
will exchange prints from these first days. We will then spend one day
working in small groups on a series of collaborative prints, and the final
days of class will be devoted to focused individual work. We will switch
classes with the Leonard workshop for an afternoon to provide students with
exposure to non-traditional binding methods.

JUNE 26 - JULY 2, 2005

Nancy Leavitt, "Content, Form and Sequence: Genesis of the Hand Lettered
With content as the idea of our work and the book our form, we will use
poetry and mark-making exercises as a springboard to develop narratives.
Through playful research with text, pen, and paper, we will collect,
explore, and analyze ideas, and develop them into visual sequences to be
used in our books. We will develop new ways of working to strengthen the
substance and personal satisfaction of our work. Instruction will include
group and individual activities, slides, demonstrations, and discussion. We
will also make book models for use in future projects. Students at all
levels are welcome; everyone must be able to work independently. Although we
will be using calligrapher¹s tools, no calligraphic or binding experience is

Walter Tisdale, "Text and Image: The Printed Narrative"
What is your dream book? How can a printing press and hand tool skills
transform your mind¹s image to reality? How does the narrative influence the
design of the book? We will jump right into the simple mechanics of the
Vandercook proof press using movable type, and relief printing with wood and
lino blocks. Each person will print a folded-broadside in a small edition.
Repetition during edition work will reinforce the necessary skills. The
final project will be a collaborative effort using type and imagery in an
accordion-book structure. The narrative of this book will be developed by
the class. Simplicity is vital given the time constraints. It is important
to spark ideas during the class, but also develop physical models for
reference afterward. You will receive instruction in binding and hand
stencil/pochoir work. All skill levels will feel comfortable in this class.

For more information, please call us at 325.364.3420, email us at
bookartscenter@xxxxxxxxx, or visit our website at www.wells.edu/bookarts,
and click on the link to Summer Institute.

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