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Re: [BKARTS] BOOK_ARTS-L Digest - 3 Apr 2005 to 4 Apr 2005 (#2005-94)

Hi, I'm Lynn Sures, I've spent a lot of time in Italy doing paperish and
bookish things...one of the best things to do in my opinion is to see the
It's located at Via Milano, 76 in Rome (tel. 06/464474 - 483947).  Morning
visits by appointment.  Worth it.
It documents how books can get "sick, mutilated and die...from diverse and
strange causes."  Other interesting stuff as well!  (Get an Italian
translator if you can for optimum enjoyment.)
You can also go into small town and city libraries and see the most
interesting old books that we would have under lock and key here...
Il Papiro, the marbling company, has headquarters in Grassina, outside
Florence.  If you have any "connections" it's worth a call there to see
their operation.
Carlo Saitta is a marbler in Florence who allows the public to watch him
work, I don't have the contact information but if you can find his shop he
is remarkable.  Sorry I can't furnish it--I'm doing a visiting artist
semester in Chicago and don't have access to all my Italy information.

Have fun in Italy!

> Date:    Mon, 4 Apr 2005 14:41:52 -0400
> From:    Virginia Turnbull <genalee@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: "bookish" places in Italy???
> I'll be spending the month of May in Italy.   I'd love suggestions for =
> places to visit, etc., that would be of interest to a bookbinder and =
> marbler.
>     Thanks so much!

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