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[BKARTS] A BookFest Exclusive

Exciting news!  The first boxes of Incantations by Mayan Women have arrived
from Chiapas, Mexico.  The book began over 30 years ago when Ambar Past took
her tape recorder to remote Indian villages and started documenting Mayan
women's conjuring spells and drinking songs.

I'm going to let Ambar tell you about the book in her own words in a
separate message. She has a great story to tell and an engaging way of
presenting it.

Just to give you the basics, however, the book measures 10" square x 2"
thick, has 295 pages, 70 pages of original silkscreen graphics, and it comes
in a silkcreened case with a handmade paper liner. The mask covers are
handmade cast paper, and the endpapers are handmade palm-frond paper dyed
with campeachy wood and soot. Over 150 people worked on it as authors,
painters, printers, binders, silkscreeners, and they are all listed in the
colophon along with a page showing their signature, sign or thumbprint. This
is the first edition of 200 numbered copies.

Those who pre-ordered the book will have their copies shipped directly from
Chiapas.  The best bet for anyone else who wishes a copy--and the
opportunity to meet Ambar--is to come to BookFest.  BookFest opens with a
catered reception on April 8, 4-8 pm ($10 admission) and continues on
Saturday, April 9, 10-5 (free). The cost for Incantations By Mayan Women at
BookFest is $200.  Any copies remaining after BookFest will be available on
a first-come, first-served basis for $200 + $13 priority mail shipping.

Checks should be made out to "Ambar Past" and sent to:


PO Box 624

Fleetwood NY 10552

At BookFest we are pleased to showcase this remarkable book.  But Ambar is
just one of 29 artists participating in BookFest and all of them are
presenting a wide range of beautifully crafted, handmade books.  This is an
excellent opportunity to see the best artist books from the United States,
Canada, and Mexico.  Even better, you get to meet the artists who created
the books face-to-face. I doubt that more enticing is necessary, but there
is also a show of miniature books that was put together by the Miniature
Book Society.

I'll look forward to seeing everyone at BookFest. The details are at

Ed Hutchins

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