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Re: [BKARTS] bookcloth / Ikegami

What Ikegami is talking about is a Karibari board
which was traditionally used to flatten scrolls and
silk.  It is constructed in the same way as the
sliding doors and screens found in Japanese homes.

The persimmon juice used does not seal the paper as a
varnish but prevents it from being affected by
moisture (in other words, waterproofs it).  Since the
surface is waterproof, I would gently rinse off the
paste after each treatment for a clean surface for the
next piece.

For more information on Karibari, see

The Paper Conservator, Vol. 9, 1985.  pp. 54-60.

Donia Conn
Rare Book Conservator
Special Collections Research Center
Syracuse University Library
Syracuse, NY  13244

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